Abuela Adela

Abuela Adela always has some treats on hand for her grandkids! She joined Butter Royale to stay fit and healthy.

Buffalo Wingman

When Buffalo Wingman gets a break from flying the Butter Co. private jet, he loves duking it out with his crew on Butter Island.

Ginger Ninja

Ginger Ninja may look like a stealthy spy, but he’s a strict follower of the Bushi-dough code of honor.

Gourdon Hamsey

Gourdon is a celebrity chef well-known for his friendly demeanour and kind advice! He participates in Butter Royale for the thrill of the competition.

Ken Clucky

Not much is known about Ken and no one has seen him without his mask on. Despite his intimidating appearance, one of his favourite pastimes is feeding his pet chicken at Camp Smore.


With Skullavera around, every day is a festival! He loves sweets so much that even his mask is made out of sugar.


Raspberry was one of the first contestants on Butter Royale and has become a fan favorite for her mischief-making! When not on the Butterfield, she loves skateboarding with her friends in San Francheesco.