Butter Island

Butter Island

Once a popular filming location for famous movies and television series, Butter Island has since been repurposed as the main arena for contestants in Butter Royale as they compete to become the cream of the crop.

As you traverse the island and take in the sights and sounds, don’t forget to keep a lookout for any Butter looming over the horizon!

San Francheesco

San Francheesco is the bustling city center of Butter Island. With dozens of food trucks and a giant Ferris wheel, it’s the best place to be when you’re looking for some action! Just watch out for traffic!

Camp Smore

Camp Smore is the perfect place to chill if you’re looking to experience nature! The colorful tents are great for a friendly game of hide-and-seek.

Flour Fields

What lurks within the massive wheat and cornfields? Here you can find farm animals, scattered NOMs and perhaps even something… extra-terrestrial?

Pasta Plaza

This grandiose plaza was commissioned by Cocoa Chanterelle to honor winners of past seasons of Butter Royale and other prolific members in Butter Co. Will you be the next monument?

Salty Shipyard

It was once said that a sailor had a secret hideout deep within the maze of containers at the Shipyard. Maybe you’ll find his favorite snack stashed away there!

Munchy Mansions

Take a secret dip in the private pools and enjoy the lavishly manicured gardens at Munchy Mansions.

Pizza Park

“Park” yourself here for a fun summertime! There’s even been talk of a sausage-slinging supermachine hidden somewhere inside, perfect for your barbecue.


Don’t mind the bats! Sunnyside is one of the most pleasant places on Butter Island — stock up on goodies here but beware of the residents, they could get cranky.

The Butterworks

This is where all the Butter comes from! Ooh and aah at the bubbling vats, but don’t get too close! Watch your step here, the pipes and metal beams make the Butterworks a navigational nightmare!